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Harry’s Cafe Thanksgiving Dinner


Helping with the free Annual Stanton Thanksgiving Day Dinner for those who need a warm meal on Thanksgiving, preparations and donations of turkeys, money and time have begun; pictured from left are Super King Markets Director of Operations Damian Valdez as well as Food4Less employees Alex Gonzalez, Jose Machuca and Andy Vargas, along with Harry’s Cafe Owner Andreas Psaras, who, with his wife Angela, for the past 23-years have hosted the free Thanksgiving dinner.

Harry’s Cafe, 8461 Katella Avenue, in Stanton, is busily preparing once again to serve those who need a place to go and a warm meal on Thanksgiving Day. For 23-years now, Harry’s Cafe Owners Andreas and Angela Psaras have shared their Thanksgiving Day with those in the community. Also sharing that day with the Psaras’ are lots of community members and businesses who step up each year to offer their help in donations of time and money and turkeys for the big day. Turkeys are purchased with donor’s monetary donations; this year from Food 4 Less and Super King Markets, along with donations from Golden State Water Company that will serve 4,000 people on Thanksgiving Day; the annual event is coordinated by Stanton Mayor  David Shawver. Pictured zig-zaging from front to back are Kaven Motadi and Deven Sisodia with Golden Touch Auto Body and Towing; Tammy Burris with LKQ-Pick Your Part; Harry’s Cafe Owner Andreas Psaras; Ken Vecchiarelli with Golden State Water Company; Paul Sahagun, with La Lampara Mobil Homes; George Lazaruk with CR&R; Emily Grant with SoCalGas; Tom Carpenter with Frontier Real Estate Investments; Adam Othman with USS Cal Builders; Nena De la Torre with Golden Touch Auto Body & Towing; Elvin Campbell, Stanton Boys & Girls Club Director and representing the Stanton Lions Club; Barb Karch, with Adventure City; Vincent Petronio with Magic Lamp M.H.P.; Jerry Ristrom, with the Stanton Lions Club; CARE Ambulance Field Training Officer and EMT Jacquelynn Bonom and Samara Monroy; Damian Valdez, with Super King Markets; Stanton City Council woman Alyce Van; Stanton Mayor David John Shawver; Kristy Morehead with CR&R and CARE Operations Manager Daniel Ko. The newest company helping with donations for the Thanksgiving dinner is Gary Balikjian with City Collision, 8250 Cerritos Blvd., in Stanton. “We’re here to help, said Balikjian. “We’ve been in the City for 35-years; 22-years in our current location; this year, we decided to get involved with the City to help out where we could and got involved with the Thanksgiving dinner.”

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