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Bloomberg: The Hottest Industry Right Now Is Storing All Your Stuff

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A new report from Bloomberg highlights the growing storage industry. According to the article, "industry insiders say the ongoing self-storage building boom traces back to the financial crisis, when funding for new construction of any [...]

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1031 Exchange & Investing in Properties Sight Unseen

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You may be already well aware of the benefits that come with a 1031 Exchange, but you may not know that investing remotely is an excellent way to apply them. To be sure, once you’ve [...]

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Dynasty Trusts & Philanthropy

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Dynasty trusts ensure that wealth gets passed down to successive   generations. The special tax provisions in this wealth-building vehicle allow you to amass a fortune relatively quickly — so much so that $1 million [...]

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Spiraling Debt? Here Are Some Options

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Some people may think, “Do I really need to declare bankruptcy in order to escape my dire financial situation? After all, aren’t there other alternatives to choose from?” This type of attitude isn’t uncommon. However [...]

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The 1031 Exchange: Qualified Intermediary Requirements for California

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In previous articles, we’ve detailed the benefits associated with performing a 1031 Exchange, such as how it affords you the opportunity of differing capital gains taxes when selling your investment property, for instance. However, the [...]

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INCO Advantage tax-wise strategy

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Sell appreciated real estate, avoid taxation, retain income for yourself and/or heirs, receive cash.  For more information, contact INCO Commercial today!