Multi-Family Residential

Multi-family residential properties are some of the most profitable investments on the real estate market. Imagine owning an apartment complex and collecting rent from every person who lives in it; INCO can make this a reality for you.

We deal in large and small multi-family properties alike, so we can match you with a unit that is appropriate for your capital reach. Since maintenance is a significant expense when you own a multi-family property, it is vital to be sure you are purchasing a property in good condition, so you are not stuck with making costly repairs later. INCO will thoroughly inspect any property you are interested in purchasing and advise you of any potential problems. With INCO, you will have all of the information at your disposal to make an educated decision before you decide to move forward.

Once we have guided you in acquiring a multi-family property, we can help you manage it. Our CORE Property Management services will help you maximize the return on your investment and maintain a positive income stream for years to come.

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