Brad Miles

Brad Miles is currently Chairman of INCO Commercial Realty, Inc., and has over 30 years professional experience in the commercial real estate industry…

Bill Townsend

Mr. Townsend joined the team at INCO Company in 2003 as Vice President / Principal. INCO Commercial has been in business for over 30 years and is recognized as Long Beach’s largest independent commercial Real Estate firm…

John Rendon

Juan Rendon, Principal and Board Member at INCO Commercial…

Jim Arias
Senior Broker

Mr. Arias graduated Fullerton State College in 1976 with a BA in Finance. Jim has been in Commercial Real Estate/Development for…

Rudy Licerio

Mr. Licerio is an active commercial agent conducting real estate transactions in Orange and Los Angeles Counties…

Paul Phillips

Paul Phillips graduated from California State University, Long Beach in 1990 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Marketing…

Jay Price

J. Price is an apartment specialist focusing on the 605 corridor. Born and raised in Whittier CA, now a resident of Long Beach…

Jerry Ristrom

Jerry Ristrom is a West Orange County Industrial and Retail Commercial Real Estate Specialist. Jerry is a life-long California resident. He attended Pepperdine University and Humboldt State earning a Bachelor of….

Lynsey Polacheck

Lynsey grew up in Long Beach and has lived there for 20+ years.   Being raised in a real estate family, she felt a connection and determination to continue that legacy…

Christy Westphal

Christy Westphal is a native Californian who returned to Southern California in 2013 after spending 17 years in the Pacific Northwest….