Leasing Commercial Property

At INCO Commercial, we know that you can ill-afford to tie up cash in expensive real estate that may be poorly suited to your operation. Perhaps you need the capital for other areas of your business, perhaps your company is growing rapidly and you may need more space in the near future or perhaps you need a temporary location while your future base of operations is being renovated.

Whatever the reason, we understand that leasing a property sometimes just makes much more financial sense than buying; that’s why INCO is prepared to help you find a commercial property that meets your requirements and aggressively negotiate lease terms that suit your organization’s objectives.

INCO will assess your needs, so we know exactly what type of property is best for you before we even start searching. We will perform financial analyses of lease vs. buy and move vs. stay, so we can move forward confidently knowing what our next step should be. We will find a property that is well-suited to your organization’s operations and goals, we will negotiate the lease terms for you and we will prepare all of the documentation.

In order to ensure that we provide the best service possible in finding a property for you to lease and structuring the lease agreement, we will guide you through the following steps in our process:

  • Client Needs Assessment
  • Analyze financial impact of buy vs. lease
  • Analyze financial impact of move vs. stay in existing location
  • Review available properties on multiple listing services (AIR, Smith Guide, MLS)
  • Analyze property that meets client’s needs
  • Prepare property availability
  • Prepare Letters of Intent or Offers To Lease for selected properties
  • Negotiate lease terms
  • Prepare and review lease for conformance with lease terms
  • Analyze conformance of lease terms with market
  • Prepare and review final lease document for conformance with lease terms
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