The INCO Philosophy

INCO Commercial provides quality real estate brokerage and advisory services by understanding and putting the clients’ needs first. Local knowledge, regional reach and world class service provide the means for INCO to assist our clients to meet their organizations’ objectives.

Real estate is a means by which our clients accomplish their objectives. We focus on comprehending our clients’ goals and how real estate assists in meeting those goals. We always begin a process with a Client Needs Assessment in order to ensure we fully understand our clients and their requirements.

INCO Commercial provides local knowledge, regional reach and world class service. Our offices in Long Beach, Irvine and Riverside give us the required market knowledge to assist our clients. We are not distracted by the competing interests and demands of large institutional brokerage firms that answer to national headquarters located outside the region. In addition, INCO is highly involved with the non-profit community in Long Beach. A review of our agents’ bios will attest to our commitment to the ideal that through cooperation with all sectors of our community—private, public and non-profit—we can achieve the greatest good.

At the core of INCO Commercial is our mission to advise our clients as to the role that real estate plays in meeting their organizational missions. We must evaluate the needs of the client before recommending a course of action in the commercial real estate arena.

the INCO philosophy