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Undeveloped Land

Your enterprise may have such specific requirements that there are no existing facilities that suit your needs well enough. When this is the case, INCO can help you find the right location for your future buildings. We can spot the potential in prime pieces of undeveloped property and envision how the property will function with your development plan. We will find the land that will meet the needs of your operations in the facilities you will construct.

INCO can also guide you in purchasing land for investment. Land is historically one of the best-established investment vehicles ever devised. Whether you are seeking to purchase and lease out a piece of property or develop it to increase its profitability, we can advise you on how best to proceed to maximize your returns.

Once we have found the best property suited to your needs, we provide additional services to ensure your success. CORE Property Management is there to assist you in developing and managing your property. IMC, INCO Municipal Consulting, can take care of all the regulatory paperwork and interact with government agencies on your behalf, so you don’t have to. INCO is there to make your property acquisition a success from purchase to disposal.

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