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Basic Guidelines for a Successful 1031 Exchange

For a successful exchange, strict adherence to the guidelines set forth within the tax code is required. There are four basic requirements investors should be aware of when entering into a delayed exchange. Please seek the advice of your tax accountant, CPA or attorney to ensure proper adherence to the tax code.

At INCO Commercial, our proprietary nationwide triple net (hereinafter referred as NNN) clearinghouse investment database gives you an exclusive “Tax Deferred Exchange Specialist” working for you!

Douglas Shea

Douglas Shea
Principal and Board Member

Mr. Douglas Shea joined the firm originally as a laborer in 1976. He worked in all aspects of the company through college and joined full time in 1988…

The 1031 Exchange “Like-Kind” Requirement

At Inco, we’ve aimed to enhance your 1031 Exchange acumen through a series of articles detailing the entire process. Through these efforts, we’ve brought our investor’s attention to key terms and timelines, including the history of [...]

May 1, 2017 @ 11:16 am|

The INCO Commercial Advantage (No Tax Option)

Come learn how to negotiate around the questions of: I don’t want to pay the tax I would like some money in my pocket without placing it all in a 1031 My kids will inherit [...]

March 28, 2017 @ 12:16 pm|

The 1031 Exchange: Trend or Here to Stay?

When it comes to your investing pursuits, your sights are firmly set on longevity— or staying power. In fact, that’s the reason you chose real estate over the other alternatives, like the stock market. The [...]

February 27, 2017 @ 10:17 pm|
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Inco Commercial serves all real estate investors and taxpayers who wish to defer capital gain liability by utilizing IRC 1031 exchange provisions. We specialize in credit tenant net leased assets (NNN) which provide solutions for 1031 Exchanges.

What is unique about Doug is that through a comprehensive interview session we are able to tailor make the correct product for the specific investor. Second, the ROI on the investment can be analyzed via the proprietary “INCO Commercial – 1031 Exchange Analysis.”

These assets provide, you, the investor a stable, secure and predictable source of return on equity to diversify your portfolios. IRC 1031 provisions allow a taxpayer/investor to defer their gain and preserve their wealth.

Special thanks to Lisa Caprelli Communications and Digital Marketing for assistance in the 1031 Exchange outreach and marketing strategies.
For more information, call Doug Shea your Tax Deferred Specialist at 562-773-4000 or email